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Onboarding packages

You can self-onboard your team independently with our help materials (guides, video tutorials) or hire Uku Onboarding Experts, who will help you set up, optimize your team’s workflow, and get your company fully on board.

Service / PackageSmall
700 € / $ / £
2000 € / $ / £
Custom price
Suitable forteam up to 4 membersup to 15 membersLarger teams and corporations
Kick-off meeting✓ (3 meetings)
Import clients & contacts
Set up company settings
Set up company task templates
Set up company project templates
Set up company email templates
Set up master products & contracts
Team training session (90 minutes)1 training session2 training session3+ training session
Connect Meeting(s) (per year)24
VIP support
Accounting practice management software

All features

❤️ Most loved featuresSoloTeamEnterpriseInfo:
Clients25UnlimitedUnlimitedClient management in one place. Company info, contacts, tasks, contract and agreements, deadlines, documents, notes, and history.
Unlimited tasksAdd as many tasks as it takes you to fulfil exceptional work. We are here to help you, not to limit you.
Time trackingAdd as many tasks as it takes you to fulfil exceptional work. We are here to help you, not to limit you.
Recurring task plansSchedule tasks that recur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly (1,2 or 3rd month), yearly or set a recurrence rule for +working days from the beginning of the month or your chosen starting date.
CRMSchedule tasks that recur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly (1,2 or 3rd month), yearly or set a recurrence rule for +working days from the beginning of the month or your chosen starting date.
ReportsThorough real-time reports of all your clients, employees and tasks within seconds. Gain back full visibility with this power-tool.
ProjectsStay up to date with every little detail of your projects and monitor the progress of projects, including time spent on work, planned tasks, meetings, comments and files.
Custom fieldsCreate custom fields to add information to your tasks and clients to track anything related to work.
Company work templatesSimplify setting up your company by using templates for tasks, projects, and billing.
Access managementControl access on an office-wide, per-member, or per-client basis—a very flexible solution for the most demanding needs.
TeamworkBoost productivity through shared clients and tasks. Send messages, comment and get notifications when there’s something new for you.
MonitoringMonitor the validity of the client’s agreement by comparing it with the actual amount of work done. Whether it’s based on time or volume of the work – a visual report will tell you exactly how profitable or unprofitable the client is.
BillingCreate a price list based on the services you offer with a flexible price list. Set price ranges and contract periods. Prices can be customised for each client, and you can modify invoices even after they’ve been created.
One-on-one trainingWe help you create a system with metrics that work for your company. We analyze the current situation in the company, prepare an action plan and help with the implementation of Uku.
Personal supportYou will be helped by a Uku specialist, with whom you can move in the right direction. Our support team is available via live chat, email and phone.
⏰ Time trackingSoloTeamEnterpriseInfo:
StopperYour secret weapon to building good time-tracking habits. Start and stop a task with a click on the stopper.
Adding time manuallyNot all jobs can be tracked in real-time. Tap on the task entry to add time manually.
Time record editingEdit tracked time afterwards.
Smart time entrySuggested starting time for the next time entry from the end of the last activity. We all sometimes forget to hit stopper at the beginning of an activity.
Email remindersForgot to pause the stopper? If the time has been running for a single task longer than 8 hours, a reminder will be sent to your email.
Summaries to emailAt the end of the week, you will receive an email summarizing your work week. Email has both the tasks and the time spent on them.
Offline modeTrack time while on a client meeting or out of office – you can close your computer or browser and still track time.
Mandatory time entriesClient or company based setting to make sure not a single task is completed without time entry.
Time estimationSet the estimated time for completing a task. When marking task done, the estimated time will be taken into account.
Extra work tagTrack time spent on non-contractual tasks. Add the orange € sign and view results in a report and create additional invoices for extra work.
✅ Task managementSoloTeamEnterpriseInfo:
Company workflow templatesCompany workflow templates
Recurring tasksInstead of adding tasks manually, set recurrence rules and make managing your workflow easier than ever.

Recurrence rules: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or +days (including holidays).
Individual tasksTasks that nobody else can see besides you.
Shared tasksShare your work with colleagues and collaborate on tasks.
Following tasksKeep track of a tasks progress by following it. You’ll be notified of any changes.
Task dependencyMake one or more tasks dependent on each other – an effective way to create connected workflows.
Due datesHit deadlines without headache. Set the due date (and time) at which the task must be completed and track the progress along the way.
ChecklistsOne task can consist of several smaller tasks that need to be done. You can create a checklist that helps you keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be done.
Task descriptionWrite additional information, copy the client’s request or add instructions.
DashboardEach task is assigned a start time when it appears on your dashboard. Therefore you only have to deal with tasks that are relevant at that time.
Topics for taggingTopics become very useful for filtering reports and when invoicing.
Recurring task plansCreate a recurrence plan for each client that is specific to their needs.
PrioritizationPrioritise your tasks and have a separate dashboard for a better overview of what needs to get done.
SnoozingPostpone tasks that don’t fit into your schedule and let them remind you some other day.
Assignment of tasksAdd a colleague to a task, so it appears on their dashboard as well. If you’re finished with your part, remove yourself.
Task statusWith custom fields, create statuses for tasks that you can quickly check in and report.
Bulk task editSelect tasks and add a member or a time entry, snooze until tomorrow, or mark them done at once.
Customisable dashboardGroup your tasks by topic or clients and find a way of working that suits your needs the best. If you don’t want to group your tasks that’s fine – you can do that too.
Mandatory checklist tickingCompany based setting to make sure not a single task is completed without ticking all the checklist boxes.
Magic buttonsCompany based setting to make sure not a single task is completed without ticking all the checklist boxes.
Mini-UkuBrowser plugin. Add new tasks, track time and keep on top of all your notifications from any website.
NotificationsThe notification system will promptly notify when new jobs are targeted to you, or a comment has been added to the task you’re attached to.
📈 ReportsSoloTeamEnterpriseInfo:
Summarized reportsObtain a clear overview of the time logged by your team on a specific client, topic or task and see which clients, topics or tasks take up the most of your valuable time.
Detailed reportsDetailed overview of all tasks, clients, users and time entries have an answer to every question you have.
Time reportsOverview of all task-related time entries. Powerful filters provide that view.
Daily time reportsAll time entries for the day in a report makes it easy to spot any time mission, allowing you to self-correct.
Individual saved reportsEasily access your preferred reports with specified filters, date ranges and much more. These are visible only to yourself.
Exporting (PDF, XLS)Export your data from summarised, detailed and time reports pages as PDF or Excel. A way to send service evidence to your clients.
Customizable reportsSelect the columns you want to see in a report and customise it to your needs.
Fast reportOpen up a report without any extra clicks.
Company saved reportsStreamline your processes by saving company-wide reports for employees to check.
APIRequest data through API, for example, client data, tasks, time entries, etc.
🧑 ClientsSoloTeamEnterpriseInfo:
Client-specific work plansCreate plans for your clients to simplify your work. Uku has two templates developed by accountants that you can use as a basis.
Overview of current month’s workOverview of current month’s work
Detailed client informationCompany’s name, reg. code, VAT no, full address, contacts, users and settings to manage your clients in full scope.
Client agreementsAdd client agreements under notes, and you’re always up-to-date with recent changes. No more guessing and endless searching in your mailbox.
Client notesStore all the vital information under client notes and pin them to client profile.
PersonalizationDefine your client colour and add 1-3 letter short client code.
Client statusMark a client as active or inactive.
Client importImport is an easy and quick way to add all clients to Uku at once. Use Excel or import directly from your accounting program to reduce manual workload.
Client groupsCreate custom client groups to sort information based on the type of clients.
Client exportIf necessary, export clients with all fields (including custom fields) to Excel. Make changes and import back. This is the fastest way to make big changes.
User roles & rightsHave full control over which clients and tasks your employees have access to. In addition, who can add and change client information, change company settings etc. Each member can also be assigned a main user, i.e. a responsible employee.
BillingUku billing is very powerful and customizable. Monthly, quarterly or yearly service-based (volume and/or time) price list and customer invoices. You can fully automate your billing process.
MonitoringMonitor the validity of the client’s agreement by comparing it with the actual amount of work done.
AMLAutomate your anti-money-laundering process with a risk profile, status, and documents.
IntegrationsConnect Uku to your accounting software to import client info and send invoices. Use your local business register to add or update client info.
💁🏻 Support & CommunitySoloTeamEnterpriseInfo:
Self-service knowledge baseAccess to in-depth how-to guides, videos, and support material.
Email supportEmail support for all new and existing users.
Live chat supportOur professional customer support is here to help you with any questions and challenges.
Custom integrationsWe are ready to create custom integrations and ensure it operates properly. NB! Custom integrations development and testing is not included in the subscription fee.
Assisted clients importOur team will help you with importing clients.
Tailor-made team workshopWe will teach your team to use Uku considering the needs of your company.
Early access to featuresGain early access to any features we are releasing and have a say in their development.
Pay by invoicePossibility to pay for Uku by invoice.
Dedicated account managerA personal account manager who knows your company and can help you according to your needs.
Training, Practice Advisory & Consulting

↑ Level up your accounting firm

We’re here to help you find your sense of adventure, develop your processes, workflows, and logic with the help of our experts in a supportive environment.

Maile Roosmäe, Margot Roodi, and Triin Rast

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We understand how important it is to make sure the software really meets your needs. When you join Uku, you get the Enterprise package free for 14 days!


‍ The 14-day trial period will start the day you create your Company account and will apply to all members of your Company account. ‍


To use all the features after the trial period, you must add payment card information to your company account. The first payment will be billed at the end of the 14-day trial period in advance for the next month.

🧠 Frequently asked questions

The price depends on three different aspects:


1. The selected package – Solo, Team, or Enterprise

2. The size of the team

3. The payment period – either monthly or annual payment

During your 14-day free trial, you will have the Team plan and can use nearly all of Uku’s features.

Yes! Keep in mind that the advance payment is non-refundable. You can use Uku until the end of the current payment period.

Uku is available in English, Danish, Polish, Lithuanian and Estonian.

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