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The story of Uku’s name and character

The story of Uku’s name and character


Mar 1, 2024

2 min
Story of Uku

Have you ever wondered why Uku is an owl? And what does the name mean? Here’s the story of Uku.

The search for a guide

Throughout history, humans have constantly searched for a guide — be it a friend, god, or spirit. Such a companion offers intelligence, reliability, and support at all times. While Estonians may not have epics of mighty gods, we do not dismiss the thought of an unseen force.

Our ancestors believed every person, phenomenon or place has a guarding spirit. That’s how we found our guardian spirit for our accounting practice management softwareUku the Owl.

Uku is a god and a protector

The name Uku originates from Estonian folklore, where Uku was initially known as a protector of homes. FR. R. Kreutzwald, the father of Estonia’s national literature, gifted Uku its divine status, inspired perhaps by the Finnish weather god Ukko.

Estonians talked about Uku as The Grandfather of Weather, The Grandfather of the Sky, The Old Father, and Grandfather. All the names emphasize the same meaning – the old-aged ruler of heaven. 

Owls as the wise guide

Ancient Estonians had yet to develop the concept of eternity. For them, old age symbolized wisdom, experience and confidence.

Animals and birds were divinities in the past. Later, when gods were more human-like, each had an animal or bird as a legacy of ancient belief. In ancient mythology, the owl was a symbol and helper to the wisdom goddess Athena.

The owl is a bird of mythological significance for many cultures. An owl’s most characteristic features are:

  • Oversized round eyes.
  • Calm meditative state.
  • Silent movement.
  • Vision all around (neck mobility 270 degrees).
  • Keen hearing.

People associate owls with knowledge and wisdom. In some cases, they are part of witchcraft and mysticism.

Owls also play a significant role in literature. Winnie the Pooh always turned to the kind and wise Owl when he needed advice. In the Harry Potter stories, the intelligent Hedwig the Owl was the most reliable way to communicate with friends and an extraordinary support for Harry.

Uku, the wise guardian owl

Uku is like having an old, wise owl by your side, offering guidance through wisdom and modern features. Accounting practice management software Uku makes work easier, improves teamwork, and gives clear insights into how time is spent, all in a way that’s easy to use.

Uku is here to provide you with an all-seeing eye, guidance and support. To help you watch over every step of your firm like God watches over people on Earth.

Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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