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Training, Practice Advisory & Consulting Services

Elevate your accounting firm

Elevate your accounting firm

Reach the stars with us.

Uku experts help you develop processes, create workflows, and set up a perfectly efficient accounting practice.

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Most popular extra services

to get your accounting firm up and running as fast as possible.

a woman in a demo with Triin Rast

Live demo

Haven’t decided yet if Uku is the right tool for your accounting firm?


Book a free demo session with our digitalization consultant. We’re happy to show you around and give a brief overview of the possibilities Uku creates.

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1-on-1 consultation

Are you already a Uku fan?


If you have questions about features or integrations or need assistance setting up and optimizing your processes, book a consultation (45 min) with our digitalization consultant.

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Accounting Practice Setup

Do you need help setting up Uku and implementing techniques to increase efficiency? This includes client import, company workflows, team training, and more.


Starting from 75 €/ h w with the first 2 hours free of charge.

What clients say about Uku:

What clients say about Uku:​

Christer Haimi
Christer H.

CEO, Estonia

“I’d been looking for a practice management solution for my accounting firm for years. Uku was the answer to our problems. It helps us to manage our work better and provide exceptional service.”
Kersti S.

Lead accountant, Sweden

“Uku is simple and intuitive and covers anything we might need from a work management system – from tracking time and managing tasks to billing. It has increased efficiency and visibility throughout our team.”
Faye (Parkin) Dexter
Faye D.

Co-owner, UK

“We absolutely love Uku!
It fits us perfectly. I can’t belive how we had never heard of you.”

Jurgita Adomaitiene
Jurgita A.

CEO, Lithuania

“Uku is easy to use and accountants actually love working with it.”

Piret Tootmaa
Piret T.

IT Manager, Estonia

“Uku’s team is very helpful in coming up with solutions. In our company, Uku has brought the client closer to accountant while giving both the accountant and management an overview of how much time is spent on what kind of work or communication.”
Andzej Rynkevic

Andzej R.

CEO, Lithuania

“Uku is the perfect solution for financial services companies unlike any other. The Uku team is a pleasure to work with. They’re quick to respond and offer adaptations and upgrades to match our needs.”

Annika Lattik

Annika L.

Chief accountant, Estonia

“1 year with Uku and we can serve 38% more customers. Couldn’t imagine life without Uku.”

How can we help you succeed?

All additional services:

  • Data Import
    100 €

    Assisted import of client data (organizations, client groups, custom fields and notes), review and error resolution.

  • Accounting Practice Setup
    75 €/h

    We help you set up clients import, company workflows, team training, and more. First 2 hours free of charge

  • Process Consulting
    75 €/h

    We together break your processes and daily work to pieces, and build it back up again so it supports your accounting firm ambitions and long-term growth.


  • Team Training + Q&A session
    300 €

    Live training for your whole team on how to use Uku key features and a questions and answers segment.
    Duration: 2h

  • Team Training Pack
    700 €

    Three live training sessions for your team to support you in implementing Uku and new ways of working in your organization.
    Session 1: Uku introduction + a questions and answers segment.
    Session 2: A questions and answers segment, advanced features, tips & tricks, best practices
    Session 3: Follow-up, fine tuning and a questions and answers segment.
    Each session is 1.5 hours long.

  • Growth Hack
    800 €

    We train one of your employees to become a Uku master user to support the rest of your team in daily operations.

  • Tailor-Made Workshop
    Quote on request!

    We’ve helped entrepreneurs and accounting firms start or improve their existing processes. We know how to build teams and create processes that serve and support the people. Together, we will find the best solutions for you.

Special services

  • Dedicated Account Manager
    900 €/year

    Prerequisite: You've been a Uku member for at least 3 months, have completed the initial set-up, and have been working with Uku for at least 2 months already.

    We know your business and processes. You want to know more about Uku's possibilities and unlock the full potential of your business.

    Your dedicated account manager is a partner in your business growth. They give you exclusive access to Uku's new features immediately after release or as a beta tester. You're part of our elite club of practice managers & business owners who share invaluable insights into how Uku accelerates your business growth.

  • Special request
    150 €/h

    Tasks requiring assistance from the technical team or special knowledge, like data exports, restoring data, investigating anomalies or user activities, etc.

Let us know how we can help you