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Automated billing for Accounting Firm

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  • Fast billing process
  • Fully automated data collection and invoicing
  • Flexible pricing & contract templates
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Uku simple automated billing
Michael H.

IT manager

It’s simply wonderful - our clients’ tasks are easily integrated into the workflow. Less emails, less client chasing and most importantly, clients love our client portal.
anu review
Anu A.


Uku’s Client Portal puts client first, makes collecting missing documents and communication easy, and is very easy to use.
Annika L.

Chief accountant

A year with Uku and we can serve 38% more clients. Couldn't imagine life without Uku.

Fast & Reliable
Billing Process


Uku’s automated billing will do the mundane work of creating invoices for you. You just have to proofread the invoices and send them out.

You’ll never forget to send an invoice again. Create automatically, adjust, approve and send invoices straight from Uku.

Uku billing process

Automated Data Collection & Invoicing

Uku collects data from your time tracking data and custom value entries.


You create contract templates tailored to the accounting services you offer. Assign the templates to your clients and Uku creates the invoices.

Uku Automated Data Collection & Invoicing

Pricing Options

Create product and contract templates, and modify according to specific clients if necessary.

You can choose between several pricing options, set minimum time, use rounding, and create custom fields.

Create personalized billing contracts for the clients with extra dynamic pricing options: time, fixed, item & mix.

Uku flexible pricing options
Time Tracking and Billing

Integrated into your accounting firm’s workflow

Add estimations, rounding or minimum time requirements for maximum profitability. Define billable and non-billable time.


The complete workflow in a single task – time tracking, task done, custom fields and entries.

Uku time tracking and billing

👍 Yes, you can:

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Setup billing fast

Even with a 1000+ clients, Uku’s contract templates allow customization for each client.

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Create master templates

Standardize services and prices for your clients. Make pricing changes and billing processes transparent and fast.

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Create an automated system

Ensure that all your work done always gets billed and reduce the time you spend on invoicing.

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Bill services based on time, volume, or recurring fees

Create personalized contracts for the clients with extra dynamic pricing options.

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Use price ranges with levels

Reduce the price on larger volumes, do it in levels and use cumulative summation or pricing periods.

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Set minimum time and rounding

Increase the profitability of your accounting firm by setting minimum time requirements and applying rounding rules to your services.

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Import services from your accounting software

Automatically import all products, services, tax rates, and other parameters to speed up billing setup.

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Automatically export invoices to your accountig software

For everything to work smoothly, the invoices send to your accounting program. Uku integrates with Xero, e-conomic, Merit, and 360 Księgowość.

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Keep track of payment status

Maintain a clear overview of client payment statuses with the accounting practice management software.

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Define company defaults

Set up company-wide billing settings applied for each client under the billing app.

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Split revenue

Add one or several people into one resource and divide the share between them. Pay bonuses or just track who has contributed to which invoices / services / clients.

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Bill parent company

Subsidiary invoices can be now charged to their parent company. Either separate invoices per subsidiary or merge all invoices.

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Use placeholders

Like invoice period, next or previous period, client primary member, quantity as number, time or time in number format.

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Bill later

Under task, you can change when this work is billed: Task Start Date, Task Due Date, Task End Date, Custom Date, or Never.

Billing Process with Uku

Review and approve

Create a monthly task to review and approve automatically generated invoices. It only takes 20 minutes for 100 clients.

Send to clients

You can send all invoices from Uku at once to your clients’ email. Ensure that no invoice is left behind.

Export to accounting

Easily export all invoices to your accounting software, like Xero for example.

Uku will speed up rocket your billing process

Time is your most valuable asset
100 clients took 8 hours

Excel sheet for each client


Duplicate an invoice


Enter data manually




Send invoice out

100 clients takes 0.5 hours

Uku generates invoices from data


Review & approve


Send invoice out

How to set up client billing?

Step 1

Define your services

1. Add invoice parameters

TAX codes, product codes, articles, resourse codes, units and bank accounts. Use import!

2. Create service

Name the service in different languages and specify the included task topics. Define the parameters for integration such as product code, project code, resource code or use custom values.

3. Add pricing calculation

Choose fixed, hours, or volume pricing through custom field. Define pricing levels with different calculation methods and periods. You can combine and mix every pricing model. It’s truly the most flexible pricing setup you have seen!

Step 2

Create master contracts

1. Add contract template

Define billing recurrence – monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Invoice date, like creation date, last day of the month, or any specific date 1,2,3,4,5…

2. Add services

Add the created services to the contract in the necessary order in the invoice. It is wise to add more services because Uku is smart and does not add the services that have not been provided.

Step 3

Add contracts to clients

1. Choose contracts

Choose contracts with different periods and custom settings under each client. You can do it for multiple clients at once as well.

2. Customize as needed

You can customize every part of the service according to the client’s agreement. For example, with some clients, the hourly price is higher, or additional work is cheaper.

Accounting practice management software

Why top accounting firms
 love heart Uku?

With the help of your personal assistant Uku,
your work day is stress-free and decisions data-based.

① Your team is focused, productive & organized

Powerful and easy-to-use task management

Simple way to track your clients’ work status, who’s doing which task, and all your deadlines. No task deadlines will be missed again, even when substituting a colleague.

Uku work managament environment
② Your team saves ~30% of the time

Automate workflows, communication & billing

Set up recurring task plans for services, email templates for notifications, reminders, etc,
and several pricing models once. Add, edit, and reuse the templates forever.

Uku Automated workflows & emails
③ You have the full visibility to grow

Turn data into actionable insights

Uku’s reporting & monitoring help you price your services fairly and determine where to remove inefficiencies. Tracking time provides valuable insights to client agreements, and helps make wise decisions to grow your business.

Uku work tracking
Uku’s Vision

The Future of Billing Systems

We are driven by the desire to increase your efficiency, enabling you to achieve more with less effort and increase your earnings. We work hard to bring the following solutions:

Finding unbilled work

Payment collection

The sandbox of change prediction


Any questions?

Uku’s billing ensures you’ll never miss a revenue again. It saves accountants’ time, by automating invoice creation. Uku’s billing is flexible and you personalize invoices according to each client.

Uku’s billing gives you more time to spend on analytical tasks instead of typing in invoices. The complete accountants workflow is done in a single task – time tracking, task done, custom fields and entries.

Uku connects with your favourite accounting software: Xero, e-conomic, Merit Aktiva, 360 Księgowość, and SmartAccounts.

Uku’s billing is part of the Team and Enterprise plan – no need to pay extra.

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