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Pixie vs Uku: Comparing work management software for accountants

Pixie vs Uku: Comparing work management software for accountants


Nov 21, 2023

5 min
Pixie versus Uku

Uku and Pixie are great practice management software for accounting firms in the United Kingdom market. When picking the right tool for your accounting practice, the decision should be based on how the features align with your firm’s needs.

Do Accountants Need Work Management Software?

Just as running shoes aren’t critical for running but significantly enhance performance, work management software isn’t required for accountants but will improve efficiency and productivity. 

Practice management software acts as a personal assistant, helping you with:

  • Automating repetitive tasks,
  • Encouraging team collaboration,
  • Ensuring all contracts and deadlines are met.
  • Gathering information in one environment and improve data analytics

All from a single, organised platform. It’s about working smarter, not harder. The freedom to do less, as we say in Uku.

So, how do you choose between Uku and Pixie, as both are excellent practice management software for accountants?

Let’s go feature by feature to get the best summary so you can consider your accounting firm’s needs.

Comprehensive List to Compare Uku and Pixies Features

Free Trial14 days
Onboarding helpFree for 2 hours
Task Automation
Personalised Dashboard
Customisable Calendar View
Customisable Task Templates
Attachments, Checklists, Links in Tasks
Time TrackingIn-appVia integration
Insightful Time-Tracking and Workload Reports
Automated locking of time entries
Automated Emails
Flextime - Vacation and Overtime Management
Detailed Business Analytics
Automated Invoice Generation
Client Portal
Live Chat with ClientsComing soon
Client Agreement Fulfilment Monitoring
AML Integration
Companies House Integration
Document E-Signing

Accounting Work and Task Management

Pixie and Uku agree that automating task management is crucial for handling multiple clients efficiently. 

Pixie and Uku’s Similar Work and Task Management Features

  • Task automation and workflow management on a personalised dashboard.
  • Deadline tracking through dashboards and calendars.
  • Customisable and preset task templates and detailed process creation.
  • Add custom date triggers, attachments, checklists, links and automated emails to tasks.
  • Internal notifications and deadlines.



  • Integrates with platforms like Loom for training within tasks.


  • Customisable calendar view to personalise work.
  • Dependent tasks for a more organised approach to workflow management.
  • Workload reports for team and individual performance.
  • Comments for tasks or time entries to give colleagues and clients more information.
  • Detailed business analytics for data-driven decision-making

Read more about Uku’s work and task management features.

Time Tracking and Billing for Accountants

Time-tracking is important for accounting firms and accountants to use their resources most efficiently. When they find out how much time they spend on each client and task, they often have to reconsider the prices they have set due to increased workloads.

Pixie and Uku’s Similar Time-Tracking and Billing Features

  • Time tracking capability.



  • Simple integration with Clockify.
  • There is no built-in billing solution.


  • Powerful and easy-to-use time-tracking feature including stopwatch, manual and bulk entry.
  • Time-tracking is integrated with automated billing.
  • Automated invoice generation based on how much and on what was worked on
  • Insightful reports about time-tracking by member, team, client or task.
  • Product templates that can be adjusted for client-specific billing.
  • Magic button for quick time entries

Read more about Uku’s billing and time-tracking.

Accountants’ Workflow Automation

Automating tasks helps accountants save time on mundane administrative tasks and focus on more analytical and advisory work. There are many tasks a work management software can automate for accountants.

Pixie and Uku Similar Workflow Automation Features

  • Automated task templates with recurring tasks.
  • Automated emails assigned to tasks.



  • No additional automations.


  • Advanced automated reporting based on time tracking.
  • Automated invoicing from data input.
  • Automatic flextime balance calculation. The Flextime app overviews the accounting team’s working hours, overtime, and vacation balance.

Learn about Uku’s automated workflows, reporting, emails, and powerful billing solutions.


Accounting Firm Team Collaboration

There can’t be an accounting team with no collaboration. Pixie and Uku both enhance team collaboration for accounting teams. 

Pixie and Uku’s Similar Team Collaboration Features:

  • Internal notifications about task updates.
  • Managing and delegating tasks to team members.
  • Reporting with custom filters for insights about workflows.



  • Provides a snapshot of firm activities through reports.


  • Offers detailed time tracking reports.
  • Includes a team calendar for better workload visibility.

Read more about Uku’s team collaboration possibilities

Accounting Practice Management Software User-Friendliness

Pixie’s straightforward tool appeals to those looking for simplicity. 

Uku’s intuitive design makes even the most complicated tasks easy.

Workflow management software dashboard

Accounting Client Management (Accounting CRM)

Managing client relationships is a necessity. Accountants deal with many tasks ranging from routine bookkeeping to complex financial analysis, often with multiple clients with varying needs and deadlines. 

Pixie and Uku’s Similar CRM Features

  • Centralised client information system with unlimited custom fields.
  • Client portal for direct client communication.
  • Integration with Companies House for UK-based client data management.
  • Automated archival of emails and files to client records.
  • Client onboarding workflows.



  • A CRM platform for smaller firms.
  • Live chat with clients.
  • AML integration, 1.60£ per check.
  • Document e-signing


  • Comprehensive client profile with customisable fields integrated with accounting software like Xero or e-conomic.
  • Transparent client profiles so every colleague replacing another has access to client info.
  • Client agreement monitoring for effective workload and financial management.

Learn about Uku’s CRM, Client Agreement Monitoring, and Client Portal.

Uku and Pixie Pricing

Pixie has three different subscription plans. These prices are for accounting firms with under 250 clients:

  • Advanced plan for 119€ a month
  • Growth plan for 189€ a month
  • Enterprise plan with a custom pricing plan for each client.
  • No free trial or possibility of testing the system.

 Uku, too, has three different subscription plans:

  • Solo, which is free for a solo accountant
  • Team plan with a price-per-user pricing model of 29£ per user per month.
  • Enterprise plan for businesses who desire personal service at 59£ per user per month.
  • Additionally, Uku offers a 14-day free trial and 2 hours of free onboarding with an expert to ensure correct data and live customer support.

 See Uku’s subscription plans

Which Practice Management Software for Accountants to Choose?

So here’s a short overview of what the two accounting practice management software, Pixie and Uku, offer for your accounting firm. 


  • Customisable dashboards adapt to your firm’s unique workflow.
  • Advanced business analytics inform data-driven decisions.
  • Integrated invoicing streamlines billing based on various metrics.
  • Transparent client profiles ensure continuity in client management.
  • Flextime app for the management to simplify overtime, vacation, and working hours management.
  • A view of client agreement fulfilment to plan working time better.


  • Simplified client communication with a chat feature in the client portal.
  • Flat fee pricing could be advantageous for larger firms.
  • E-signing for documents.

While Pixie holds its ground with solid offerings, Uku’s suite of features, particularly its customisable nature and comprehensive analytics and automated billing, could take your accounting firm to the next level.

See for yourself. Try Uku out for free or book a free personal demo so we can show you how Uku can enhance your accounting practice management.

Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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