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Grow Finance exchanged three programs for the all-in-one software

Grow Finance exchanged three programs for the all-in-one software


September 5, 2022

3 min read
Ulvi Tallo and Helari Pallas, Grow Finance
Grow Finance OÜ

An innovative and forward-looking accounting firm that offers accounting services in all of the Baltic countries.


45 employees

Using Uku for:
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • CRM

If an employee does not track their working time, it may turn out that the time spent on a client has tripled


In Uku, the all-in-one software, you can track the time spent on a task or a customer


Everyone has benefited from using Uku – our clients, employees and management!

Everyone has benefited from using Uku – our clients, employees and management!

Helari Pallas,


Grow Finance OÜ was one of the first accounting offices in Estonia that exchanged papers for computers and started using digital solutions. Their goal is not only to provide accounting services but also to solve customer concerns and offer them extra value.

The all-in-one software is better than three.

In Grow Finance, Uku is mainly used to manage tasks for a client, track time, and store client information. Although it is a work management software for accountants, the management also uses it. It’s truly the all-in-one software.

"We want to use just one software when doing work so we use Uku 100%."

Before Uku, the company used software they created. Their program had a simple version of task managing. In addition, they used another program to track time. However, it was not possible to integrate these programs, and a third one had to be used to receive feedback. Using three different programs and integrating them by hand seemed like a waste of time to Grow Finance partner Helari Pallas. In Uku, the all-in-one software, on the other hand, it is possible to do what was done with three programs together.

According to Pallas, templates and repetitive tasks have proven to be the most useful. “This gives us confidence that no customer will be left unserved,” he says. In accounting, most tasks are recurring. In Uku, you can use task templates created by accountants or make them yourself as needed.

There can’t be any downtime when the accountant changes

If an accountant goes on vacation or gets sick and their work needs to be taken over, you can transfer their tasks quickly to someone else, and all the information about the client is also available on the client profile.

"Now using Uku, when an accountant changes, there isn’t a situation where we can't serve a client because we do not know their tasks."

“Fortunately, accountants are generally conscientious and healthy people – their sense of duty does not allow them to get sick,” Pallas laughs. Adding notes about a client and directing tasks to others have proven to be handy tools in their office.

Time tracking does not have to be employee supervision

Grow Finance does not use Uku to check the accountant’s working time but to measure how much time has been spent on a task or a client. It may happen that the workload for a client has tripled, but no one has noticed.

"Telling a client that my accountant feels like you are taking more time is not competent."

“We often deal with additional tasks such as returning false documents, eliminating deficiencies, and asking for additional information. All of this can add several hours of work time to the task,” admits Pallas. Time tracking can identify additional work. In addition, this can motivate the accountant – when the time is measured, the increase in workload is provable.

All customer-related information is in one place

While the managers of many companies find that thanks to Uku profits have increased, Helari Pallas thinks that work efficiency improves with the skills of the accountant. Uku, instead, is a good helper when training a new employee. The information and notes added to the client profile help the new accountant see the correct details, which experienced accountants often have in their personal notes or even in their heads. Thanks to client profiles, the new accountant can easily start working with the customer.

To the question, “What would you say to those who do not use Uku yet?” Pallas answered: 

“Everyone has benefited from using Uku - our clients, employees and management”

With one or two clients, you can manage them in other programs, but as the company grows, you need a program where you can systematically organize information. “This is how Uku, the all-in-one software can help your company grow.”

Grow Finance team

Grow Finance OÜ team

Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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