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IMG Numeri brought clients closer to the accountant

IMG Numeri brought clients closer to the accountant


May 21, 2022

3 min
IMG Numeri logo
IMG Numeri

Numeri is an accounting, tax consulting and payroll company.


105+ employees

Using Uku for:
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • CRM

They didn’t have a good solution for tracking working time and managing clients.


More and more working hours are tracked in Uku and the quality of time management improves.


“Uku brings the client closer to the accountant.”

“Uku brings the client closer to the accountant.”

Piret Tootmaa,

IT Manager and Accountant

Numeri is an accounting, tax consulting and payroll company with 105 employees across the Baltics. It was the rapid growth of the company that forced them to look for a better way to manage work and customers.

Before finding Uku, IMG Numeri didn’t have a company-wide time management solution, but there was a growing need to get an overview of how working time is used. The software used before Uku was not developed for accountants, and the customer relationship management tool was out of date.

Uku gave a clear picture of Numeri uses time

The introduction of Uku immediately provided a unified and centralized overview of timekeeping. In the long run, the quality of timekeeping has improved and more and more working time is tracked.

Today, Numeri has been actively using Uku for about a year and has reached the point where all employees use it, and more than 60% of their working time is tracked in Uku. This gives them an overview of the use of time, a clearer understanding of the work done and time spent by clients and tasks.

This, in turn, helps to better analyze the company’s operations and optimize customer pricing, i.e. to assess whether the time spent and the revenue received by the customer are in balance.

Managing customer information simplifies the work of both the accountant and the management

Although the Numeri team was looking for a suitable solution for accountants’ timekeeping, Uku also came with a pleasant bonus of creating work plans and managing customer information. Uku replaced the previously used and outdated customer information management solution and brought customer-related information closer to accountants.

Uku also helped to map and monitor the process of integrating new customers. In their daily work, Numeri team uses Uku’s sample templates, the possibility to copy existing templates and one template developed by them, which contains all the necessary tasks to start working with the client.

Now, customer-related information (contracts, important current information, contacts, plans, spent time, etc.) is all in one environment and available to both the specific accountant and management.

In conclusion, Piret states that Numeri appreciates Uku as a whole:

"Uku gives both the accountant and the management an overview of how much time is spent on what kind of work or communication."

Uku's helpers help you find the best solutions

For those who do not use Ukut yet, Piret definitely recommends doing so. To get the most out of Uku, she recommends carefully going through your needs carefully before trying. “Uku has different ways of reflecting information. It’s good to set the goals you want to achieve first, and Uku’s assistants will help you set up the office base properly. ”

“Be sure to communicate and ask for help,” she encourages.

"Uku’s team is very helpful in coming up with solutions."

Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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