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Uku helps V. Finantser bring accounting work profits home

Uku helps V. Finantser bring accounting work profits home


March 19, 2022

5 min
V. Finantser team
V. Finantser OÜ

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Using Uku for:
  • Work management
  • Time tracking
  • CRM

As the team grew, it was difficult to keep an eye on the actual workload.


Uku helps to measure working hours and bring money home.


“Now we have a better overview of the time spent on our customers.”

“Now we have a better overview of the time spent on our customers.”

Virge Ratassepp,


V.Finantser is an accounting company founded in 2008, whose team today includes 11 accountants. They serve 143 companies of all sizes and sectors every month. They started off with 3-4 employees, but by the beginning of 2019, the number of employees had doubled and managing the workload in Excel tended to get out of control.

Virge Ratassepp the founder and CEO of V. Finantser says that the company grew faster than they could manage, and the growth of customers also went unnoticed. They didn’t track their working time in any way, the information about the accountants’ workloads didn’t reach the invoicer, and basically, the company was providing free service. But accounting work profits could be more extensive and they went out to fix the issue.

Coincidentally, they heard about Uku at an accounting training at the beginning of 2019 and immediately began to vigorously try it out. The goal was to accurately measure working hours and as they say, bring home money. Virge says: 

"We wanted all parties to be fairly priced – the employee, the customer and the service as a whole."

Introducing Uku helped them “find” 20% of billable hours and raise accounting work profits

Virge notes that just opening the program doesn’t work wonders: “We can’t say that introducing Uku was easy, but it was not difficult either.

Every beginning takes commitment and consistency – then everything is possible.”

Today, their entire team uses Uku for customer management, workload monitoring and work planning. They put together clients’ work plan templates, which grow and evolve over time as needed.

Virge feels that solely thanks to Uku, they “found” about 20% more billable working hours. In addition, they detect time management issues and customer growth faster. “Now we have a better overview of the time spent on our customers. We started by measuring time, but to this day we do follow-up analysis and deal with the surprises that came out, ”says Virge.

Uku constantly evolves to meet accountants’ needs

What V.Finantser team most appreciates about Uku, is that it was created specifically for the accountants and meets their needs: “Uku’s structure and logic are in line with the accountant’s work and it’s always possible to have a say in its development. Thanks to the fact that Uku gathers the wisdom of various accounting firms, it’s essentially co-developed and constantly evolves with us.

The accountant doesn’t work for the program, but Uku really supports their work. For example, Uku will remind you of things if necessary.”

In addition, Uku helps to work more purposefully. “It seems that in Excel, the tasks belonged to the company, but in Uku, everyone have their own tasks. Everyone can see exactly whether the tasks have been done or not, and all employees can create their own work plan. It’s easier for an employee to manage themselves throughout the day with Uku than with an Excel spreadsheet,” says Virge.

To all those who do not yet use Uku, Virge says: “Every new beginning is difficult, but if you use Uku properly, it will definitely benefit the company. You have to put Uku to work for yourself. If you don’t think along, it won’t work. A rough start may also indicate that you’ve had too little contact with customer support. I encourage you to contact them and get answers to all your questions.

And if you tried Uku 2 years ago, believe me – today it’s a whole new Uku."

Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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