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Jaanus Lang
Margot Roodi
Rain Allikvee

Artify OÜ is a creative and development studio that delivers excellent digital products that drive our customers’ businesses forward.


Artificers are passionate about building the future. We enjoy doing our best and a little more when delivering quality outcomes.

About us

Jaanus Lang, Rain Allikvee
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For years, Artificers searched for that one product to call their own. At last, they found what had been right in front of them all along—the need for a digital assistant at accounting practices.


Enter Uku – Accounting Practice Management Software!


Uku, the digital assistant for accounting practices, is 5 years old. It’s a task and workflow management system that helps accountants manage their daily processes and to-dos, track their business profitability, and increase productivity. Thousands of accountants from 19 different countries use Uku.


“Uku for an accountant is as important as the Pivot function for a financial analyst in Excel.” (Monika R. in Capterra).

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About You

We’re looking for a sales representative who would help us take Uku around the globe & build the future of our excellent accounting AI. We expect you to: 

The Task

We ask you to:

You have the freedom to experiment and find the methods that best suit you and bring the results.


We’ll share what we’ve previously tried and tested and the industry insights we have gathered.

Jaanus Lang and Rain Allikvee walking on a path

The Reward

The Artify team is highly motivated, agile, supportive, and fun. We’re interested in doing things right with high quality but also flexible enough to ensure new features get released. We’re all excited about the future we’re building.


In addition to team support, competitive salary, and other benefits, we offer you trust. You have freedom in:

The motivational package is competitive and will be designed for you. No “one solution suits all” exists, so let’s talk!

Sounds exciting?

Write or call:

Margot Roodi
Partner Relationship Manager / CFO of Uku

CEO of Artify 

+372 5344 1514

Workplace: Soo 2, Tallinn

Triin Rast, Rain Allikvee, and Jaanus Lang at Accountex London 2022
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