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28th of May at 5 PM (UTC)

How to Bill Your Clients in Less Than 30 min? 5 Use Cases

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Jaanus Lang

Jaanus Lang

Margot Roodi

In the webinar, you will learn:

Automated billing is a necessary step to grow an accounting firm

Have you ever found yourself rushing at the end of the month to send out client invoices you had forgotten? Or perhaps you’ve spent hours reconciling accounts when you could have focused on more strategic tasks?

The billing process shouldn’t be time-consuming, detracting from an accountant’s core responsibilities. 

Automated billing isn’t just a convenience; it’s a strategic move for accounting firms aiming to scale their operations and enhance service delivery, giving you a competitive advantage.


Jaanus Lang is Uku’s CTO and co-founder. Jaanus has over 25 years of experience in software development. During this time, he has created CRM, ERP, and SaaS systems. He has also created the most complex solutions in Uku.


Margot Roodi is a Uku expert with 15 years of experience in optimising firm’s processes. She has helped dozens of companies make their accounting processes more efficient and transparent.

Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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