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Custom accounting increases customer satisfaction

Custom accounting increases customer satisfaction


Feb 23, 2021

4 min read
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The days when customers search for a product or service with everything they need are gone. Now, customers seek services that are customisable to match their requirements.

Differentiation has become customisation, and custom accounting is the focus behind our mission at Uku.

Every customer is unique to us with their own set of demands or needs. Our team is continually discussing what matters most to our community. Identifying what is requisite for them to succeed, make more profit and reduce the stress placed on them.

Naturally, we get loyal customers who aid us in leading the change in our industry.

We’re bringing custom fields to tailor to each customer’s preferences to do this.

Custom accounting is critical for customer satisfaction

Imagine you open your UK Netflix account.

On the home screen, you see three independent Indian television shows, an advertisement for a Spanish movie, and three films you’ve already seen but didn’t like.

Not very helpful, right?

Fortunately, Netflix has customised its product in a way that will please its users.

The homepage shows the viewers’ content customised to their preferences, with suggestion lists tailored to pique their interest and show TV and films that a customer wishes to watch.

Product customisation is the key to successfully serving its customers.

It’s the same logic we apply here at Uku. Not all of our customers want the same thing or use our service similarly. Service customisation is essential for delivering a personalised approach to every community member.

Not all our customers are the same

Regardless of what services our customers sell through our software, their customer base also has different wants and needs.

Some of your customers need personal tax advice or processing customs payments in the wake of Brexit, or even more digitisation rather than manual paperwork.

Because our communities’ customers are different, our community are particularly attracted to the idea of customisation, which is why we strive to make it attainable for our community to get what they want in a few clicks of a button.

By thinking that all of our customers are different, it is critical to create a custom accounting service that is attractive to as many of them as possible.

However, we are very mindful not to over-engineer our product. We are aware that if we attempt to appeal to everyone, we’ll appeal to no one.

So, we aim to hand the customisation to our customers so that Uku is perfect and suits every customer they serve.

Customers love things made just for them

Custom accounting is a great business strategy for us because it makes customers happier.

Research has found that 1 out of every five customers is willing to pay 20% more for a personalised or exclusive product. The report found that customisation increases perceived service quality, satisfaction, trust, and loyalty toward a service provider.


Customers who can customise their experience find value either through exclusivity, in the form of a personalised, unique product, or specificity in the form of a feature that works in a way that they would like.

Custom accounting is a feature

There’s no denying that customisation takes time to build. Our development team needs to dedicate resources to building out new customisation options.

There’s also a higher risk factor since more customisation means more complexity.

In software, you might see bugs pop up as there are more and more different ways to use your product that you may not have even thought of testing yet.

Meaning that we treat customisation like any feature of our software – is this really what our community needs and not what we want to build?

Customisation adds value to our brand, not adding glossy features to make us look suitable to investors.

So what are we doing at Uku to support our community with customisation? 

Read our next article on 9 ways we will support our community to customise their Uku for every customer type.

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Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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