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2024 Funniest Accounting & Bookkeeping Memes

2024 Funniest Accounting & Bookkeeping Memes


Feb 15, 2024

1 min
funny accounting memes

Accounting is very serious. There is no place for mistakes or errors when dealing with an accounting client’s financial data. Let’s not even talk about looking at accounting memes during an accountant’s busy working day.

But we’re all just people! Accountants, auditors, finance professionals, CFOs and everyone else working in the accounting and finance industry deserve a good laugh.

Accounting and tax memes are valuable for many purposes, for example:

  • Bringing joy and laughter to your accounting firm’s workday.
  • Asking clients to do things, like send documents, in a fun way – they love the memes as well.

Here’s an always-updating list of accounting, auditing, auditor, tax, bookkeeping, CPA, billing, invoice and payment memes. Have a good laugh!

1. Which accounting practice management technology are you using, Victoria Beckham?

Excel meme

2. Accountants in 2024 escaping Excel for work management software

Accounting firm meme

3. Accountants and rounding – there are only 2 choices

CPA meme

4. Bernie Sanders agrees – your accounting client should finally send their documents their promised by the end of the day a month ago.

accounting client meme

5. Wow, my accounting client really listened to my tax advice?

funny tax meme

6. Still waiting for my accounting client to send their documents. It’s the end of the month.

accounting documents meme

7. I promise you, accounting makes total sense!

CPA meme

8. Let’s agree that accountants can go hibernate after the tax season?

tax season meme

9. “Yes, I sent them!” But there’s only an empty PDF file in the accountant’s mailbox

accounting email meme

10. Accounting work isn’t that hard. Our clients could definitely do it themselves…

funny accounting meme

11. Please tell me the answers to my tax questions, Google!

Tax meme

12. The accounting clients know everything and nothing at the same time

accounting client meme

13. Who has to submit invoices on time – the accountant or the client? Or no one?

invoices meme

14. Accountants adore company credit cards!

bookkeeper company credit card meme

15. Accounting workflows look the best in Excel! Actually, they don’t.

accounting workflows excel meme

16. Deferred tax? I don’t know him.

deferred tax meme

17. Accounting busy season? It’s fine, I’m completely fine!

accounting busy season meme

18. It’s Friday, Friday! Oh, but not for you, accounting client.

accounting documents meme

19. Why are auditors always asking for the reports I did not want to finish this week?

auditor meme

20. I would rather move to a remote island and never do accounting again than show anyone my calculator history

funny accountant calculator meme

21. Doing taxes would be horrible for my mental health today

doing taxes meme

22. The end of the tax season is near. It will all be sunshine and flowers after that, yes?

tax season end meme

23. My calculator history does not define me! I’m a certified bookkeeper with a CPA certificate, I swear!

bookkeeper meme

24. How to teach taxes to children? Real-life examples are the best!

teach taxes to children CPA meme

25. Can’t a bookkeeper enjoy their Friday evening?!

bookkeeping meme

26. Accountants suck? You’re definitely the right person to say that.

accountants suck meme

Love the accounting memes?

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Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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