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Alpaca Office knows how to do flawless remote work

Alpaca Office knows how to do flawless remote work


January 5, 2023

3 min read
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Alpaca Office

A modern accounting firm that offers accountin services and develops custom software for clients.



Using Uku for:
  • Time tracking
  • Report
  • CRM

Flawless remote work is hard to manage but a requirement to succeed in today's business world.


Uku has a detailed CRM feature and the option to delegate tasks to colleagues.


You must consider whether you want to grow your business or your frustration.

You must consider whether you want to grow your business or your frustration.

Adrian Grajczak,


Alpaca Office is a Polish accounting firm with a modern business approach that offers its clients accounting services and custom software development. Their clients include independent businesses, businesses providing services, and businesses specializing in trade. They use Uku to do flawless remote work.

Excel is no help when your client base is growing

Alpaca Office has used Uku since June 2022. Before that, they combined three different software and even used notes on paper. Transferring data or looking for the correct information from many sources was very time-consuming. Adrian Grajczak, Alpaca Office’s founder, tells us: “As our client base grew, we realized that Excel does not meet our needs as an accounting firm anymore.”

Alpaca Office had been looking for software to help them organize more than 200 monthly tasks. Uku now helps them organize work, track time, analyze time spent on tasks, and see how profitable clients are and where the company’s weaknesses lie.

“With Uku, we don't need to think about what to do next.”

“It’s fantastic,” Adrian states. “You don’t realize how much time you can save by using a list step-by-step without searching for new tasks. You can save time by not entering data into Excel because Uku has quick buttons for nearly everything. “You only need to remember to click “Start,” “Stop,” or “Pause,” and “Done” in the end – that’s how simple working with Uku daily is!” Adrian says.

“We have sped up our processes by 40% and save about 30% of the time with everyday tasks”.

Making flawless remote work as easy as possible

“Before we started using Uku, there were a lot of emails and phone calls with employees about at what stage they were with a client. It was time-consuming and messy,” Adrian tells us. Uku helped Alpaca Office employees organize their work so that they could work remotely on flexible hours.

"Uku has a simple and user-friendly interface."

Uku’s CRM has a detailed client profile where every employee can gather information without contacting another employee who might not be within reach.

A modern approach to employment is the future of doing business

Casual communication with clients is what differentiates Alpaca Office from its competitors. “Our clients don’t want to talk in corporate and get the job done with easy-to-understand language. “ Adrian knows.

“We can offer our clients flexible answering times because of remote work opportunities. Some of us like to work in the evening because of workouts or other activities during the day,“ says the founder of Alpaca Office. “This way, we avoid employees burning out when difficulties at work appear.” Thanks to Uku’s CRM and task delegating functions, flexible working hours and flawless remote work are possible.

A better overview is the key to success

“The first action we took at Alpaca Office for implementing Uku was creating a list of all the tasks we need in the system,” Adrian says. It’s much easier to implement Uku if you first map out your work processes. “After entering tasks and creating task templates, we simply imported our list of clients from our accounting software and added the tasks to clients.”

“We focus on automation and digitization by using the best software. This is the key to professional work and saving time.”

Grouping tasks in Uku is more convenient than in other programs because Uku is adapted to the accounting industry. Setting a month-long deadline for tasks is very helpful with simple tasks like “Monthly accounting.”

“Our main goal with using Uku was to see how much time we spent on a client or different tasks and find areas for improvement. This is why I like the “Extra work” button. We separate extra work and charge for it in the next invoice,” Adrian praises.

Finally, Adrian Grajczak recommends everyone who still has not started using Uku:

“You must consider whether you want to grow your business or your frustration. There are easy solutions if you feel you are losing control over tasks.”

Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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