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Entro saves working time using Uku

Entro saves working time using Uku


November 21, 2022

3 min read
Rivo Kütt, Entro Ettevõtlusagentuur
Entro ettevõtlusagentuur

The Entro ettevõtlusagentuur (Entro business agency) offers professional and affordable back support for starting entrepreneurs. The company mainly provides accounting services to clients.


8 employees

Using Uku for:
  • Time tracking
  • Report
  • CRM
  • Billing

Invoicing takes a lot of time.


Uku automatically prepares invoices based on the entered data.


There is no alternative to Uku in Estonia. It is a program adapted to the Estonian market, which offers full functionality.

There is no alternative to Uku in Estonia. It is a program adapted to the Estonian market, which offers full functionality.

Rivo Kütt,


Entro business agency (Entro ettevõtlusagentuur) has always used digital solutions. The company mainly provides accounting and management consulting services, and their partners are primarily entrepreneurs who have found their way to the agency through good recommendations.

Entro targets all its activities and achieves the desired result with a professional, progressive and innovative approach that ensures a solid foundation, even for a starting company. Entro is a complete solution for promoting any business activity.

Customer support is always available.

Entro previously used self-made software for work management, developed according to the company’s specific requirements. Maintaining software is quite expensive, especially when the goal is not to sell it. Therefore, they decided to replace their system with Uku.

Before using Uku, we went through training sessions introducing the program, and later some additional questions appeared. Triin has always supported us greatly, saving our working,” praises Rivo Kütt, Entro’s financial manager.

At Uku, we consider our client’s wishes and develop tools according to their needs. “Uku received ideas for developing its software from Entro, and they were quickly implemented,” states Rivo.

Saving time is a win at work

Entro had a definite expectation for Uku – to save working time by manually writing invoices and measuring the time spent on work. Rivo notes that it has been easy thanks to Uku: “If you offer a similar service to several clients, you can add a certain template to the system, and the invoice generates automatically.”

"You can't do everything yourself, sometimes you have to trust the system."

Entro has utilized Uku for a whole year. They have mainly used work management, time tracking, and invoicing. You can also add notes to the client profile; accountants do not have to remember them. “All the information is easy to manage in the system,” confirms Rivo.

Uku has added contract templates during the year, simplifying the invoicing setup and save working time. In addition, several invoices – monthly, quarterly and annual – can be automatically generated for one client. Assigning different contract conditions and delegating tasks are handy tools in Entro.

Entro will also use other Uku functions in the future. “The possibility of creating workflows and the email tool are planned to be introduced soon. In the future, we would like to send emails directly from Uku,” he adds.

"The biggest joy at Uku has been saving time and achieving job security."

Since services are usually priced based on the working time spent on them, the measuring must be accurate. The software previously used in Entro could track time, but it did not generate invoices based on the data, and the work was mainly done manually by accountants.

For those who do not use Uku yet, Rivo Kütt recommends:

"Work must be automated as much as possible so that employees can do what they are good at."

Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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