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HR factory’s tailored services align with Uku’s flexible project management

HR factory’s tailored services align with Uku’s flexible project management


September 18, 2023

3 min read
HR factory
HR factory

An international company that has been operating for 19 years and offers human resources and training solutions mainly to large enterprises.


120 people

Using Uku for:
  • Work management
  • Projects
  • CRM

Outdated software does not allow flexible services and making changes is difficult and time-consuming.


Uku allows to set everything according to the client's or employee's wishes when managing tasks and projects.


“You have to try Uku!”

“You have to try Uku!”

Kadri Corio,

Program Manager and Learning & Development Specialist

HR factory is the home of international HR experts, providing human resources services and training. The German-originated company has been operating in Estonia for 19 years. Their Munich, Vilnius, Kaunas and Tallinn branches unite over 120 employees.


HR factory’s clients are mainly large corporations worldwide. Uku, the work management software, is currently used amongst the training team. Thanks to Uku’s flexible HR project management solution, the company’s CEO sees much potential in Uku to help other departments in the future.


“Even when working with large corporations, we are very flexible,” says HR Factory learning and development specialist Kadri Corio. Individual solutions offered to large enterprises make HR Factory a reliable partner.

Uku's HR project management is as flexible as HR factorys services

Before Uku, HR factory used older software to manage their training workflows. It worked but was slow, complicated and rigid. “It was sometimes easier to create the whole project from scratch than to figure out how to make changes in one task,” recalls Kadri. Their speciality is providing services for companies across multiple industries, so every client has different needs. Providing flexible services requires HR project management software that enables making changes accordingly.

"In Uku, even major changes are effortless to do. We save a lot of working time thanks to this."

In the summer of 2021, CEO Jan Haines contacted Margot Roodi, the head of partnerships at Uku’s parent company, Artify, requesting software development to replace the software with a more innovative solution. However, developing a new work management software was unnecessary because, after some additional tools, for example the HR project management app, Uku was ready to serve HR factory’s needs.

We are eager to explore additional apps within Uku,” Kadri states. HR factory plans on using the work management software in more departments soon. Furthermore, the recent translation of Uku into German makes it more accessible to HR experts from Germany. 

Managing their tasksinvoices, and emails can make every department in the HR factory more effective. For instance, clients often request additional tasks during ongoing projects.

When tracking time, you can mark a task in Uku as extra work. The monitoring view then provides a clear overview of the time spent on tasks not initially agreed upon in the client contract. With this insight, you can incorporate these tasks into your work plan or add them to the client’s invoice to ensure fair payment.

It only takes a day to learn Uku and the HR project management app

At first, there was a fear of how long it will take to learn and get used to a new software,” Kadri Corio recalls. However, the HR factory team was surprised when they realised how intuitive the Uku software is. She reveals an interesting fact: “I could not participate in the Uku training day. The next day, I opened Uku and learned the work management software without much effort.” 

“Uku is simple, logical and easy to learn. You don't need to spend much time teaching the features to new employees.”

Thorough to-do lists help conduct training projects successfully

While a personal notebook can be a valuable tool for tracking tasks, it has limitations. It’s necessary to carry it around along with a working pen. Uku is with you whenever you have a mobile phone or a computer.

HR factory mainly uses the Uku HR project management app Projects to manage their tasks when conducting training. The training process has an average of 20-30 tasks, sometimes more. “All these steps need to be set at a specific time so that they appear on the dashboard at the right time, and we won’t miss any,” Corio explains. You can easily manage tasks, check their status, forward or reject them and change them if necessary in Uku

“The calendar feature is the most used daily. You open Uku in the morning, and there are the tasks you have to do today.”

HR factory employees create reusable task templates based on different types of training—no more time spent on adding new tasks to each client separately. Task templates can be easily altered and transferred to a new client.

Sharing client or project information with colleagues is effortless

While someone’s notebook remains private, information about tasks, training locations, and trainers entered in Uku is accessible to all project team members. This way, employees have a common database with each project. In addition, it is possible to manage several different projects and limit or expand the visibility of tasks within the company and the team. Client information is available on the client profile, and adding and changing between clients is uncomplicated.

“Uku gives a good overview of all the information, and it can be moved or changed quickly if necessary.”

The goal is to expand both as a business and in Uku

HR factory employees noticed quite soon after using Uku that the efficiency increased immediately. Time was saved thanks to the simplification of task management – creating, configuring and changing tasks was much faster and more convenient than before. “In addition to training, we want to use Uku in other fields and countries,” says Kadri.

The company has also grown its client base. Corio says: “If the processes are simple and flexible, work gets done faster. This allows us to take on new clients and increase work tasks.

Kadri Corio from HR factory tells everyone who is not using Uku yet:

"You have to try it! I repeat that flexibility is essential to us. We can't imagine going back to the previous software anymore."

If you want to achieve the kind of success HR factory has, book a free personalised 30-minute demo call with Uku’s digitisation specialist.

Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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