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Do you know what the three most successful accounting firms have in common?

Do you know what the three most successful accounting firms have in common?


Feb 17, 2023

3 min read
Estonia's top 3 accounting firms

Every year, Äripäev, Estonia’s business journal, ranks the most successful accounting firms. How do you get to the top ten? There isn’t a correct answer, but successful accounting firms have a few things in common.

IMG Numeri, 1Office, and Grow Finance, the firms that made the top ten in the 2022 accounting firms, have a common interest in innovation. All of these firms are quick adapters and embrace technology. In 2023, doing your accounting with a spreadsheet or in Excel is a thing of the past. Software developers work daily to simplify work in every area, and accounting is no exception. These three companies are similar because they have adopted work management software – they use Uku to make work in their accounting firm easier.

Grow Finance has made managing tasks a breeze with Uku.

One of Estonia’s most successful accounting firms was one of the first to abandon manual data entry and completely digitalize work. Technology gives them time to focus on growing their client base. Helari Pallas, a partner at Grow Finance, talks about Uku’s assistance:

  • In accounting, a lot of tasks are recurring and often time-consuming. The work management software shows you the task at the right time. In Uku, there are already templates created by accountants, but you can also make them according to your needs.
  • If an accountant goes on holiday or falls ill, they should not be bothered. With just a few clicks, you can delegate their tasks to someone else who can take over work, so clients are served on time.
  • Sometimes sudden tasks appear when serving a client, for example, sending documents back and forth, resolving deficiencies, and asking for additional information. With work management software, you can track the time spent on tasks and get an overview of the time it takes to complete a client agreement with a comprehensive visualization. In addition, you can send the data as a PDF file to the customer as proof.

Read more about how Grow Finance practices Uku here >

IMG Numeri shares business-critical information with employees with just a few clicks

IMG Numeri is a financial services company whose workforce across the Baltics was growing rapidly, and managing work was becoming increasingly complex. Board member and CTO Piret Tootmaa has highlighted the following Uku features that help them:

  • Work management software gives one of the most successful accounting firms an overview of how much work they are doing. Knowing whether the accountant should take on fewer clients or is more ambitious than expected is good. It also helps to see if your accountant is working too hard and might burn out.
  • Dozens of Excel spreadsheets with client information are a thing of the past. The client profile is new, with a functional design that gives all employees access to client information.
  • Starting work with a new client is a long process. Sometimes a document or a signature falls through the cracks, and you must wait for the client before proceeding. In work management software, you can add an onboarding process template, making the long process much more comfortable.

Read more about how Uku can operationally manage client information here >

1Office Group efficiently manages work in six countries in addition to Estonia with Uku

1Office Group is an Estonian company operating across Europe. When they first heard about Uku, the company was delighted to see that innovation had reached the accounting sector. Grete Michelson, CEO of 1Office, has highlighted these benefits of Uku:

  • Managing work in Uku comfortably supports managing from a distance. With a complete overview, planning work in different countries and making the necessary management decisions is convenient. Uku replaces the cost of one full-time employee.
  • Automated invoicing saves a lot of time with such a large client base as 1Office Group. Previously, invoicing took an unreasonable amount of time. Now, invoicing data is all in one place, and bills are generated faster than manually.
  • Uku’s monitoring view shows the extent to which the workload agreed with the client has been completed. This way, it’s easy to plan the distribution of work, for example, adding a client to the accountant or hiring a new employee.

Read more about what Grete Michelson had to say about working with Uku here >

With the help of Uku, the work management software created by Estonians and loved by successful accounting firms, an accountant can:

  • Keep track of their work tasks with the help of work schedules attached to the client,
  • Measure the time spent on tasks and create invoices based on the data,
  • Automate invoicing and send invoices directly to clients,
  • Analyze the use of your time and thereby make informed decisions,
  • Automate emails and save time from sending recurring emails.

If you’d like your accounting firm to be one of the top ten, put your trust in technology. Forget Excel and adopt both accounting software and work management software Uku.

Software is not a magic bullet that does all the work for the accountant and even brews coffee. All new methods require an inevitable implementation process. We know it is difficult to do it alone. That’s why we’re happy to lend a helping hand to get your office up and running as quickly as possible.

Book a free demo with Triin, Uku’s digitalization specialist. Together you will map out your company’s bottlenecks, and Triin will help you find solutions.

Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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