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The Uku team – Triin Rast & Hindrek Hannus

The Uku team – Triin Rast & Hindrek Hannus


Sep 19, 2022

3 min read
Hindrek Hannus and Triin Rast

It’s time to introduce the next of Uku’s helpers – Hindrek Hannus and Triin Rast.

Hindrek is the youngest member of the Uku team. As a developer, his task is to create new tools and fix bugs that may occur when using Uku.

Triin is a multitalent of the Uku team. Her primary focus is customer relations, but as Uku’s longest-term employee, she knows Uku inside and out and helps the team in marketing, sales activities, and development.

Read more about them in the interviews below:

Triin Rast

Uku’s CEO and expert

Triin, introduce yourself and your work in Uku.

“My work is quite diverse, and I am fortunate to include my greatest passion and strengths in my career. My main task is communicating with already existing and new clients. I help companies successfully adopt Uku by thinking through business processes and mapping needs with the client.

In addition to communicating with customers, I also help my team – I deliver information about product development requests to developers, help customer support with difficult questions, and support our marketing team with gathering and executing ideas.”

When and how did you find your way to the Uku team?

“I had just left a start-up and was looking for new challenges in life. I wanted actually to do something and make people’s lives better. On one August day, the founder and creative director of Uku, Rain Allikvee, called me. After the first meeting, it was clear that a long and exciting journey would begin.

My mother, who has been a head accountant for decades, was initially sceptical because I knew nothing about accounting! Fortunately, life teaches – I have been on the same wave with accountants for four years. Although I still don’t know how to do accounting, I understand the nature and challenges of this job. I can make their lives significantly easier through good time planning and task management. I have also become an expert in automating company management and related processes.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I love being outdoors. By nature, I always want to give my best. Last year, I did a lot of running. In 2021, I also received the title “Estonia’s best female ultra runner.” I’m pretty impatient and have a must-get-it-now mentality, but ultrarunning taught me patience and to take time to enjoy the journey.

I enjoy cycling more today – especially on single tracks and in the forest. In addition, I cycle 50 kilometres back and forth to work along the highway daily. I recommend a bicycle as a means of transport for everyone who can afford it. Getting such a pleasant start to your day in a car is impossible.

When not doing sports or working, I play with my cat Jack, tinker in the garden or house, chop wood, or build something. I always find something to do. Once in two weeks, however, I take half a day where I do nothing – I sit, think, and gather energy for new challenges.”

What is your guiding principle?

“Life starts at >180 hbpm.”

Triinu’s team member Mari has described her:

“Triin Rast is a girl with an awesome vibe who knows Uku’s every little detail by heart. I believe that the word “passionate” is the right word to describe Triin because everything Triin does, she does with passion.”

Hindrek Hannus

Software Developer

Hindrek, introduce yourself and your work in Uku

“I am Hindrek, a software developer by profession. At Uku, I create new features and deal with software problems. In addition, I help to fix the bugs customers have noticed when using Uku.”

When and how did you find your way to the Uku team?

“I joined Uku in the fall of 2021. The Uku team found me through LinkedIn and invited me for an interview. I knew immediately that this was a challenge I wanted to take on, and that’s how the journey began.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I am a relatively modest person. I like music, and I can also play the ukulele. Playing music is my favourite way to spend my free time. Also, one of my favourite activities is sleeping, and I thoroughly enjoy it.”

What is your guiding principle?

“Don’t worry about it!”

Hindrek’s team member Hans has described him:

“Hindrek is a considerate and calm person. He is always ready to listen to others and ask the right questions. He is always open to new ideas but does not ignore his opinions and is prepared to defend them. Sometimes, Hindrek runs out of work because he is fast-paced. Hindrek cares deeply about the result of his work and is a speedy learner – all these are highly valued qualities in a developer.”

Hindrek Hannus and Triin Rast
Luna, Hindrek Hannus, and Triin Rast
Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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