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How to effectively implement flextime?

How to effectively implement flextime?


Jun 5, 2023

2 min read
5 tips on how to implement flextime in your company

Flextime, a dynamic work arrangement popularised in Nordic countries, has gained global recognition. This innovative approach allows employees to control their schedules, improving work-life balance and job satisfaction. How to implement flextime so that everyone is on the same page?

Say goodbye to arhaic strict working hours with flextime

Gone are the days when the conventional 9-to-5 work schedule was the standard, especially in industries requiring rigid working hours. Flextime emerged as a response to the changing nature of work, emphasising the importance of achieving success while focusing on personal well-being and family.

Pille Reiljan, Director of Operational Excellence and Process Development at Leinonen Group, a highly accomplished professional, shared her insights on the distinction between working and personal life.

“Through many years and perhaps not the brightest moments, I have realised that working life and private life are very different things.”

How to successfully implement flextime

Managers must establish clear guidelines and maintain open communication to employ flexible working time. Here are some essential tips for implementing flextime in a way that avoids any misinterpretations:

Highlight the Positive Aspects

When introducing flextime to employees, emphasise the benefits of time flexibility. It accommodates their needs, allowing them to work during their most productive hours and manage personal errands.

Read more about how flextime gives employees more freedom here >

Address Overtime Concerns

Communicate how overtime will be compensated: through additional salary or extra vacation days. This transparency reassures employees and demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to fair compensation, not the need to control employees.

Utilise Communication Apps

Implement suitable communication apps that enable seamless collaboration and information sharing, particularly when employees are not available simultaneously. These apps ensure efficient communication and maintain productivity even in a flexible work environment.

Read more about useful applications in your accounting office here >

Streamline the reporting of working hours with software

For example, Uku, the work management software, offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the flextime management process. It enables accountants to track their time, monitor work progress, and ensure that tracked time matches client agreements.

Additionally, businesses can benefit from the versatility of the HR software systems. Much like Uku, the SenseHR software system caters to the needs of businesses.

It comprehensively manages employee time records and flextime arrangements. It empowers accountants to monitor their working hours and oversee project progress. HR systems also offer advanced features such as employee performance tracking, onboarding, and analytics, enhancing workplace efficiency and optimizing HR processes.

In addition, Uku has many other ways to make work easier. Read more about them here >

Uku’s flextime feature is here to make life easier

I’ve got an easy hack for you to implement flextime. Uku’s flextime feature allows accountants to manage their time effectively and prioritise their well-being. Here are some key features that make Uku an empowering assistant:

  1. Approval of Time Entries: Uku allows for weekly or monthly approval of time entries, depending on your office’s preferences.
  2. Customisable Working Hours: Set the standard number of working hours per week according to your company’s needs, as only some follow a traditional 40-hour workweek.
  3. Accurate Calculation of Working Hours: Enter the agreed-upon length of the working day to ensure accurate calculation of holidays and total working hours, ensuring precise calculations
  4. Consideration of Weekends and Public Holidays: Activate settings that treat weekends and public holidays as working hours to ensure accurate calculation of holidays and total working hours.
  5. Vacation Days and Absences: Easily enter vacation days or absences, allowing Uku to calculate working hours correctly.
  6. Flextime Credit Request: Accountants can request flextime credit as either vacation time, with final approval required from the admin member.

Flextime allows accountants to find more joy in their work while achieving a more balanced, fair and fulfilling professional life.

Say farewell to the constraints of traditional work schedules and welcome to a balanced approach that aligns work commitments with personal aspirations.

If you want to learn more about flexible working or Uku’s flextime tool, listen to the webinar on this topic. Register here >

Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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