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Remote work for accountants creates a better work-life balance

Remote work for accountants creates a better work-life balance


Nov 19, 2020

4 min read
An accountant doing remote work

As the second period of this COVID crisis continues, the very same questions are being asked by many. How do you strike the right balance of being effective at work and home life?

Remote work + homeschooling: can it be done?

However, remote work for accountants comes with challenges, from achieving a good life-work balance to staying connected to colleagues. Sharing your “office” with your kids can sometimes prove difficult, and with the schools closed, many have struggled with homeschooling their children while working at the same time.
Organisation is key to staying productive under these new, challenging circumstances. Using an assistant like Uku will help you stay on track with all your tasks. We recommend that you schedule little breaks throughout the day to check in on your children’s school tasks, have a well-deserved cup of coffee and snack or simply relax for 10 minutes before you continue working.

Staying connected with colleagues

Something else that has changed in the last few months is how we work with colleagues. Most of us were used to going to the office every day, sharing many hours of our lives with people who were practically like our families, having constant conversations and meetings in which we could collaborate and work together.

Fortunately, we now live in a world where technology makes communication easier than ever, no matter how far you are from the people you want to connect to. Thanks to the cloud, you can share documents and work simultaneously with your peers on the same files.

Keeping track of who has done what can be a bit more difficult when you work in different places, but practice management solutions like Uku can keep you organised to know which tasks have been completed and which ones need to be done.

Keeping your (remote) team together

Just like we mentioned earlier that you should schedule in some time to rest throughout the day, another idea is to organise daily and weekly catch-ups with your team.

A daily 15-minute meeting can help you all organise your tasks, improve communication in the team and keep everyone together whilst still working separately from your own homes.

This is also a fantastic way to keep your team culture alive when your team is spread remotely. So go on — if you haven’t had a chance to have a drink with your colleagues in a long time, it might be time to organise a virtual meeting on Friday evening so that you can all chat about your weeks!

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Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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