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Tekpon Named Uku One of the Best Accounting Workflow Management Software

Tekpon Named Uku One of the Best Accounting Workflow Management Software


Aug 30, 2023

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Top accounting fostware in 2023 by Tekpon

Tekpon has named Uku one of the best workflow management software for accountants. This distinction comes after assessing numerous software offerings based on their unique features, user experience, and overall performance. R‍ead Tekpons article.

Uku’s journey began from a place of empathy. Witnessing the challenges faced by their accountant mothers, founders Rain and Jaanus embarked on a mission to revolutionise the accounting world.

Flexible, thorough and time-saving accounting software is vital when accountancy requires more than traditional bookkeeping. Uku and its automated processes ensure accountants can focus on analytical and advisory tasks instead of mundane task planning and Excel sheets.

Accounting task management

Uku is your ideal helper for organising your accounting tasks. Uku knows your tasks, shows them to you when the time is right and helps you delegate them if necessary. When you have an overview of your tasks and the time you spend on them, it’s easy to make data-based decisions. An easy-to-use workflow management software ensures a seamless workflow regardless of the time of your accounting team.

One of Uku’s members, Annika Lattik, feedback reveals the software’s value:

“Uku helps us create invoices for 100 clients in 15 minutes. We used to spend 1-2 days on invoicing.”

Uku's dashboard and calendar view

Accounting team collaboration

When a colleague gets sick or goes on holiday, someone has to take up their work. The easiest way to do that is to delegate their tasks to someone else. Uku can be like your binder drawer because the workflow management software holds all the information about your clients in one place, acting like a CRM for accountants. Up-to-date client information ensures teams operate effortlessly even when someone gets sick or goes on holiday.

Time-tracking for accounting tasks

Uku’s multifunctional time-tracking tool gives accounting firms a detailed overview of their employees’ time management. See who has time for another client or deserves a break from working overtime. When creating invoices that include time-tracking data, you’ll be transparent and trustworthy to clients.

Uku's dashboard and add a task view

Automated invoices and emails for accounting firm clients

Uku’s billing feature is the future of accounting thanks to its simplicity. Uku, the workflow management software, gathers all the information on your work, like time-tracking data or entries, and creates invoices in the billing app based on that data. Choose your desired pricing model: hourly, fixed fee, volume-based, additional services-based pricing or a combination of many.

Automated billing for accountants


Accountants deal with 100 emails per day on average. Most of them have the exact text. Wouldn’t life be much easier if someone sent them out when the time was right? You can set up email templates with placeholders, and Uku’s emails app sends them out when you mark your task as completed.

Uku's Email management view

Client agreement fulfilment monitoring for accountants

A revolutionary feature monitoring in workflow management software compares the actual workload of employees to the work agreed upon in the client agreement. It’s not unusual for a client to ask for extra tasks not included in the contract. You’ll happily deal with the additional task if you want to offer the best service. But you deserve a fair fee for the extra work! Client agreement monitoring shows you where you’ve exceeded expectations and where you have more room for work.

Uku's client agreement monitoring view

Live customer support for accountants

Instead of waiting two working days to solve your issues like usual with workflow management software, Uku’s live customer support answers you as soon as possible – on average, in the same hour. If you’re the kind of person who likes to put together IKEA furniture without instructions, we present the thorough Uku help centre. You can find everything, from best practices to setting up the email app. We promise that setting up Uku is much easier than setting up furniture.

The Uku team - Egle Jürgens, Maile Roosmäe, Margot Roodi, Triin Rast


Uku has many more features like thorough analysis reports and flextime for vacation management.

If you want to learn more about how Uku can help you manage tasks, share client information with colleagues, automate invoicing and emails, and make your accounting work easier, book a free, personalised 30-minute call with our digitisation expert. Book a demo here >

Here are your next steps:

  1. Book a demo at the time that suits you most.
  2. Create a free demo account – no need to add a credit card.
  3. Try Uku out to make our call more informative.
Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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