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4 accounting hacks to do more in less time

4 accounting hacks to do more in less time


Mar 16, 2021

6 min read
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Digitalisation has changed the face of the accounting industry. Here are 4 accounting hacks to become one of the most innovative accountants 2023.

It provides the ability to automate, track and monitor accountants’ tasks, and in the process do more, relieving the anxiety of jobs not being completed.

Digital accounting tools empower accountants to be kept in the loop for all tasks, ensuring nothing goes amiss.

These 4 accounting hacks could just make your accounting life so much easier. They are:

  1. Never miss a thing
  2. Access anywhere and anytime
  3. Integrate or be available on any device
  4. Get all the updates without downloading anything

Head to this amazing tool and give it a try NOW. Click here >

Digital accounting tools empower accountants to monitor and track accounting and other business-related information through various devices.

Accountants can accomplish their tasks anywhere and at any time, whether on a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Accounting practices access digital accounting tools through cloud software, chrome extensions and mobile apps directly through internet browsers.

One such digital smart tool that is keeping our community in the loop is Mini-Uku.

Accounting hack 1 – Never miss a thing!

Keeping track of your day-to-day tasks is crucial to being part of an accounting business.  However, switching between tasks and tabs on your desktop becomes painful, often forgetting to track time spent on tasks.

With the Mini-Uku smart tool, accountants can switch between tabs and on-device software programs, and this little fella will be around to remind you of your tasks.

On desktop? Then click on the blue owl in your Chrome extension and witness the little assistant popping up to show you your tasks.

Each task with the client’s information is viewable under each job. Moreover, you can click the timer on or off, ensuring that you track the time spent on your clients and accurately bill them for your time.

Mini-Uku will further save you time and increase transparency between your clients and yourself.

Accounting hack 2 – Access anywhere, anytime

Accounting professionals need uninterrupted access to their client files and other business data.

Client demands are not only a 9 to 5 business. Accountants answer their questions when doing other things, like stress-relieving activities or multitasking when working remotely.

Being limited to a physical desktop can slow down this work process. You will need to return to your workspace to access the data.

Not if you have Mini-Uku.

This smart digital tool can be a shortcut on your mobile desktop where once clicked, it will open, displaying all your tasks for today to retrieve client data and start the timer.

Smart digital tools like Mini-Uku overcome work delays as it enables remote access to client data at any time.

Even if there is an urgent task requiring immediate attention, accountants do not have to worry about travelling to their office to action it.

Provided you have an internet-connected device like a smartphone, laptop or desktop, accountants can work on the go.

For instance, with Mini-Uku on your mobile phone desktop, our accountants can click on the icon, and update themselves on what needs to be done. They could be sitting in front of a client or on a train commuting to work!

Using Mini-Uku on your mobile desktop eradicates stressful travelling time and gets tasks done quickly so you can do more non-work-related activities. 

Accounting hack 3 – Integrate with every device, anywhere

To run a sustainable accounting business, practice managers need easy access to software and information at all times.

Switching to digital tools, especially those that integrate, improves functionality when not in the office.

Not only do integrations with Uku and other accounting software improve functionality, but they also make task management similar, up to date and accurate at all times.

Integrations that are hosted in the cloud take up minimal storage space, ensuring applications run smoothly and operate on any device, anywhere.

Accounting hack 4 – Instant software updates

Unlike on-device software requiring a specialist to visit your on-site premises, cloud software and digital tools are updated automatically when new versions are released.

Digital tools automate this process so that updating new fixes and functionality is hassle-free.

There is no need to backup locally or have someone visit your office premises, taking up valuable work time to monitor them.

Mini-Uku is your smart assistant to create more time.

Digital smart tools like Mini-Uku is a vital component to assist accountants in finding more time for themselves.

Our smart assistant’s easy-to-use application minimises the time required to complete tasks, whether on the go or at the office.

The digitalisation of accounting is becoming more popular and is only growing with time.

Our community loves our little owl.

Our smart assistant is here to stay, and accounting professionals use him to gain a competitive edge, completing their tasks faster, and create more time for themselves.

Uku – Freedom to do less.

Your Smart Assistant

Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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