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7 Common Mistakes Accountants Make Using Work Management Software

7 Common Mistakes Accountants Make Using Work Management Software


Nov 13, 2023

4 min
common mistakes accountants make with practice management software

Work management software is required to ensure efficiency and productivity in an accounting firm. However, only some know how to make the most out of software. Learning to avoid common mistakes can change how accountants and their teams utilise work management software, like Uku, to its fullest potential.

Not using the full capability of the work management software

Frequently, accountants using work management software don’t utilise most of its features. They stick to familiar functionalities, leaving powerful tools like automated invoicing, time tracking, and client agreement monitoring underexplored. But these features tell you more about your efficiency and may even boost your income. 

The solution is for the accounting firm’s management to conduct training or buy a consultation from the software to teach employees how to use those features. This way, you’ll maximise the software’s potential, directly impacting productivity and client satisfaction.

Resistance to new technology from accountants

Adopting new software may initially be resisted because of already existing processes or worry about the learning curve.

The solution is to implement the software in phases, for example, as Leinonen did with Uku in a phased approach. This allows your team to adapt gradually. Highlighting the software’s ease of use and how it simplifies tasks for accountants rather than being a complicated step they need to do for someone else can help gain all team members’ support.

Inefficient integration into existing accounting workflows

Another common mistake is not integrating the work management software into existing workflows. Accountants, like everyone else, are used to their workflow.

Their tasks can be entered into work management software, but it takes a little effort and guidance. Not taking the time to do processes properly can reduce effectiveness and user frustration. In addition, work can get even more convenient when appropriately integrated because Uku automates many of the accountants’ previous tasks.

The solution is to analyse current workflows and identify tasks where Uku can be integrated to enhance or simplify these processes. The highly customisable work management software or even Uku’s project management app fits your needs and significantly improves workflow efficiency.

Underestimating the power of team collaboration

Many accounting teams don’t maximise the collaborative features, like Flextime management of work management software, which helps when colleagues get sick or go on vacation. Also, sharing information straight to specific tasks or clients rather than walking to their desks or calling them requires much less effort.

The solution is encouraging accountants to try out Uku’s task delegating, commenting, and other CRM features to maintain clear and consistent communication within the team. They’ll soon realize that using an all-in-one platform is much easier than taking extra steps for communication.

Neglecting comprehensive accounting client management

The easiest part is handy client management, which is crucial yet not always used in work management software. This oversight can confuse client information and service interruptions when a designated accountant gets sick or goes on vacation. It’s essential for an accounting firm that work continues even when experiencing minor inconveniences.

The solution is setting standards for client information. Uku’s thorough client profiles include custom fields to enter all the data your accountants need – this sets a standard. After entering the data, ensure regular updating and maintenance of client data within Uku. Uku’s centralised database makes all necessary client information accessible for professional service delivery.

Time tracking is the best method for data-based insights

Time tracking is quite controversial in the financial world. After implementing time tracking in our team and other accounting firms, we know it is the best way to learn about our individual and the team’s efficiency. When tracking time, you’ll know exactly how long some tasks or clients take and make data-based decisions. Yet, many accounting firm managers believe tracking time only wastes time – we have busted that myth.

The solution is to encourage consistent use of time tracking tools, whether a stopwatch or manually adding time entries. Get a regular overview of the data to gain insights into time management and resource distribution.

Looking away from client agreement fulfilment

Failing to monitor client agreements impacts the profitability and sustainability of the entire accounting firm. Uku’s client agreement monitoring helps you compare the actual volume of work to your client agreements and react to changes on time.

The solution is regularly using Uku’s client agreement monitoring feature to compare agreed-upon work with actual work. This way, as a manager or accountant, you know when to ask for more fees from a client due to working more than agreed upon in the client agreement.

Avoiding these common mistakes in using work management software can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting practices. 

Uku, with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, offers a powerful solution for accountants to streamline their processes, collaborate effectively, and deliver superior client services. By fully leveraging the capabilities of work management software like Uku, accounting practices can overcome challenges and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

If you want to know more about Uku, book a free personal demo or try Uku free for 14 days.

Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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