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New in Uku: Project management for accountants

New in Uku: Project management for accountants


Apr 29, 2024

2 min
Project management for accountants

Even though projects are part of many industries, project management is not a universal experience. Some use Excel and some notebooks, but the most clever ones let project management software do the manual labour. Project management for accountants is as essential as it is for other professionals in various industries.

Project management isn’t just ticking off tasks. A project is a long process with many unexpected challenges and a strategic goal. It involves planning, executing, and tracking a project’s progress from start to finish. 

Implementing multifunctional project management software allows your firm to:

  • Handle complex projects systematically, 
  • Optimize financial resources
  • Save human resources. 

Standardized project management leads to successful project outcomes. It enhances your firm’s capacity to effectively meet client needs, adapt to changes swiftly, and gain a competitive edge among competitors.

We have an excellent surprise for you. Uku’s project management tool is now live! 

Yet, Uku’s project management app is not only for accountants. HR factory has been using the app for a few years and has helped us develop the app to perfection.

Read more about how they, as an HR service provider, have utilised Uku’s projects from the case study.

So, how does the new Uku project management tool help firms?

5-minute insight into Uku’s projects app

Accounting project management for flexible task handling

Uku’s project management makes your project schedules more flexible. You don’t have to know the exact dates of the tasks within a project. Uku allows you to set tasks days, weeks, or months before the project starts or ends. 

You set the rules, Uku sets the automation, and the project tasks appear on your dashboard at the right time. 

If you have to delay the project’s start date, all related tasks adjust their deadlines accordingly, reducing the need for manual rescheduling.

Uku differentiates project tasks from regular client workflow tasks. This makes it easier to keep extra services separate from clients’ daily tasks. 

Setting up projects made simple

We have created a few project templates so you can start using projects ASAP. Don’t worry; they are highly customizable to your needs. 

When you understand the basics of projects, create project templates that employees can use as is or customize to fit different types of projects, whether they involve financial auditing or employee management.

Creating projects gives you complete control over every detail, from task assignment to deadline setting.

Highly customizable projects fit your accounting firm’s needs

With Uku, the manager or team leader can modify almost every aspect of their project process. For example, you can create specific tasks within a project, assign them to the right team members, and set up dependencies so tasks appear on their dashboard in the correct order.

You can also define the project status needed to show tasks on your or colleagues’ dashboard. For example, you have a new client, but you can’t proceed until the contract has been signed. Enter the project into the system, set it pending, and choose the tasks to be shown only when the project is in progress. 

Project example: Employee onboarding and offboarding

Managing employee onboarding and offboarding involves numerous crucial yet easy-to-overlook tasks, such as setting up new employee workstations or revoking access for departing staff. Uku’s project management tool automates the tasks, helping you complete all the steps. 

Project management for accountants helps keep one-time services separate from the monthly tasks they do for your clients. On the client card, under project overview, provide an insight into different services provided to the client, like VAT registration for example. 

Track project process, distribute work better and avoid employee burnout

Uku’s project view provides an interactive overview of the current status of all projects at a glance. You’ll easily identify projects that are on schedule and those that need to catch up. It also shows how work is distributed among team members, helping managers make informed decisions about workload distribution to prevent overloading employees and embrace work-life balance.

How does project management boost your processes?

  • Managing a project from start to finish becomes transparent and controlled
  • Managers and team leaders stay on track without manually checking and adjusting schedules. 
  • Every benefit combined in a project management tool can help reduce the administrative burden.
  • The team can focus more on the content of the work rather than its coordination.

Try Uku’s project management for accountants!

Uku’s project management app is designed to handle every challenge you face in project management, like keeping track of multiple projects at once and ensuring that every part of an employee’s role in a project is clearly defined and managed. Test it in your company to see how it can make your project processes more direct and manageable.

Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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