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5-year path to improved practice management. What’s next? 

5-year path to improved practice management. What’s next? 


Nov 2, 2023

Accounting practice management evolution

In 2009, childhood friends Rain and Jaanus founded Artify, a design and development studio. Uku, the practice management software story began when the men’s clients repeatedly asked for improved accounting solutions. In addition, both of their mothers were also accountants struggling with aged accounting solutions.

The challenge wasn’t in accounting itself but in digitising the way accountants manage their workflow. Solving this problem marked the inception of Uku.

The early days of a practice management software called Uku

In 2017, Uku’s manifesto was born, and the software entered the hands of its first pilot clients, including Rain’s mother’s accounting firm, AR Tähelend. A year later, on October 18, 2018, Uku was unveiled to the wider public at an Estonian accounting conference.

The core vision remains: Uku is the smart assistant for accountants.

It helps automate tasks, allowing accountants to focus on analytical work. While the vision remains constant, specific features and their development evolve based on the client’s needs and feedback.

Uku is the best software for practice management

Uku primarily serves accounting firms, but we welcome anyone seeking to free themselves from micromanaging daily tasks. Manage client communication and task management with time tracking. Thanks to Uku’s email and invoicing automation capabilities, accounting teams can now serve a significantly larger client base.

Our proud achievements and new projects

There have been plenty of achievements and projects over the years. We are particularly grateful to all of our long-term partners. Without them, we wouldn’t have great software and assistant like Uku. 

Uku’s integration with accounting software like e-conomic and Xero sets it apart from competitors like Karbon, Pixie or Accountancy Manager. Also, Uku’s automated billing, CRM and the recent addition of a client portal are features other practice management software don’t have.

Naming the best achievement is like choosing a favourite child.

However, the launch of the long-awaited client portal has been a significant development for us and Uku’s members. This portal simplifies client-accountant collaboration, reducing email dependence and improving communication convenience.

Uku’s perspective in 5 years

In five years, Uku and its ecosystem of integration partners will be even more invaluable for accountants. Uku’s role will expand beyond administrative tasks to include consulting on workflow efficiency, client communication, and more. Uku will also serve as a platform for business analytics, promoting accountants to financial advisors for their clients.

Our company culture and values

Artify and Uku’s team thrives on growth and continuous learning. Our passion for our creations is indescribable. We love our team members and wish to care for our clients.

Uku isn’t just trying to remain competitive; we’re actively growing and innovating daily. With a long-term vision, an exceptional product, and a dedicated team, Uku is building lasting relationships with its clients. The company’s financial independence and agile development approach ensure adaptability to evolving market and customer needs.

Embracing digital transformation for accountants

Digital solutions offer extended opportunities for Uku’s growth. Integration expectations are rising, and potential partners are increasingly open to collaboration. As complex tech solutions become more user-friendly, Uku is here to make these innovations accessible to its clients, for example, by using accountants’ native languages. 

Uku is available in English, German, Danish, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian.

In uncertain economic times, investing in Uku pays rewards. It makes processes more accessible, opens new revenue streams by tracking previously unbilled work, and helps accounting firms become more efficient.

If you want to learn more about Uku try it free for 14 days, or book a free personal demo with a Uku expert to find out how the client portal suits you.

Juuli Pihel
Marketing Specialist at Uku

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