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5 reasons to use a client portal for accountants

5 reasons to use a client portal for accountants


Oct 30, 2023

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Reuters stated at the start of 2023 that accounting firms have different priorities this year, and automation is one of them. Accountants need their attention on keeping up with new laws and regulations rather than spending time in their email inboxes, waiting for the client to send their documents. Still, when offering a service, client assistance reigns supreme. To reduce the time spent on client communication, waiting in your inbox or writing another reminder, a client portal for accountants comes in handy.

So, what are the main benefits of client portals for accountants? Here’s a short introduction. Client portals:

  1. Reduce email overload;
  2. Simplify document management;
  3. Automate client communication;
  4. Reduce manual follow-up emails;
  5. Help stay away from fraud.

Client portal for accountants is the pathway to easy, fast and safe client communication

Say goodbye to email overload

As an accountant, your inbox is probably full. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has found that managing time and workload is one of the primary challenges for accounting professionals. Email management usually takes about 30% of accountants’ working time. 

How to tackle the issue? Imagine a day when your email load is lighter – that’s the first relief a client portal for accountants offers. A portal like Uku’s Client Portal can significantly reduce your time in your email inbox by centralising document sharing and communication. The client portal simplifies accountants’ workflow, letting you focus more on analytical tasks than administrative ones.

Simplifying accounting document management

How much time do you spend chasing clients for documents and tracking what’s sent and still pending? A client portal organises all this for you, thanks to the option of uploading files and items. 

Clients can upload their documents directly to the portal, where they’re immediately available to you, accountant — no more back-and-forth emails or worrying about large file sizes. Your clients don’t have to create a new user and remember a password because Uku’s Client Portal sends your clients a magic link to access the portal directly.

Streamlining and automating client relationships

Like in other industries, an accounting firm’s clients want to feel valued and understood. Personalised, timely communication is vital to make a client feel like they are your priority, and a client portal makes this effortless. 

Instead of generic emails, you can send custom-made updates and reminders through the portal. Uku’s customisable Client Portal makes your clients feel attended to. Personalisation is more than efficiency; it’s about building trusting client relationships and boosting business and referrals.

Accountants might have clients from around the globe, speaking various languages. A multilingual client portal allows you to communicate and share documents in different languages. 

Uku’s Client Portal, for instance, caters to a diverse client base, making it easier for you to expand your services internationally.

Reducing the amount of manual follow-ups

The endless cycle of follow-ups ends when using a client portal for accountants. Uku automates the email process by sending reminders to your clients about approaching deadlines or missing documents. It means you’re spending less on sending reminder emails and are freed up from the bland follow-up tasks.

Keeping accounting clients’ financial data secure and accessible

Email inboxes are nowadays filled with phishing, scammers or impersonators. It’s hard to differentiate between my real accountant and an impersonator. A client portal offers accountants and clients a secure platform for exchanging and storing documents. 

Portals ensure that your and your client’s information stays safe and no one sends information to the wrong person. Uku’s advanced security features, such as encryption and regular security audits, provide more protection against cyber threats.

In addition, having all your documents in one place means you can access them anytime, anywhere – a big plus for those days when you’re working remotely.

Client portal for accountants: The number one tool for a stress-free practice

A client portal is a lifesaver for accountants seeking a more organised, efficient, and user-friendly practice. It simplifies your day-to-day tasks by making client communication much easier than before. A client portal also secures client data and enhances client relationships while giving you back your most valuable asset – time.

With Uku’s Client Portal, you invest in peace of mind and a more balanced work life. 

Try the portal out free for 14 days, or book a free personal demo with a Uku expert to find out how the client portal suits you.

Juuli Pihel
Copywriter at Uku

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